Copier Fax Business Technologies to launches the Receptionist

img_9683Buffalo, NY – Copier Fax Business Technologies has announced the launch of “The Receptionist,” a digital visitor management system for businesses in Western New York.  This innovative system is the first in the Western New York market.

This new visitor management system allows tracking of everyone who enters the office building.  Guests check in with “The Receptionist,” who will then keep a visitor log, take photos of your visitors for identification, and print custom visitor ID badges, which include the visitor’s photo and company logo.  It also tracks all deliveries, legal documents, and general visitor notifications.  Employees receive a notification when their guests check in.

The system can also provide instructions and information for guests that arrive.  For larger buildings, this could include which floor or room to enter, waiting room instructions, directions to conference rooms, and more.

Implementation of this innovative program is executed on an iPad, with additional software programs that sync with the office IT system.

This technology is not meant to replace a current receptionist; rather, it is designed to help productivity.  A study from Carnegie Mellon University found that people who were interrupted during a cognitive skill test performed 20% worse than those who weren’t interrupted.

“The role of the receptionist has evolved dramatically, thanks to modern technology,” says Al Scibetta, Owner and President of Copier Fax Business Technologies.  “Their skills have expanded to be an important asset to all departments, and this technology will help them be as productive as possible with their duties.”

Additionally, this program is designed to dramatically improve office security.  This includes visitor privacy, tracking, and identification.  Businesses will be able to know exactly who came through the door, and at what time, with an accompanying picture of the individual.

The Receptionist is on display at Copier Fax Business Technologies’ Buffalo showroom.  In-office demonstrations and trials are also available upon request.

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