Documentelligence™ Advanced Workflow Automation

Businesses are amazed when we show the improved workflow and cost savings when using a new way to manage their paper and business processes. Organizations today need to take control of their unstructured documents—and capture content to retrieve documents when they need it. Manually processing documents is inefficient and wastes time, resources and money.

With Documentelligence™ you can quickly scan, index and store documents coming into your operation, optimizing your business processes while reducing costs for your organization.

Batch Indexing

Now you can easily and quickly index your documents either manually or automatically. Indexing features include:

  • Automated Indexing via OCR. Pre-populate index fields quickly and accurately with data that has been automatically extracted from documents via forms processing, OCR, etc.
  • Support for Database Lookups to Speed Indexing. Eliminate the need to manually rekey data by auto-populating index fields with information retrieved from a database.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts. You can quickly tab through fields, save indexed information, go to the next document in the batch, move to the next page of the document, go back to the previous document, release all documents in the batch from the indexing queue and more—without ever lifting your hands from the keyboard.
  • Sticky Fields – Information in select index fields can be retained to further reduce indexing time.
  • Flexible Document Viewer – Index while viewing each document page in a flexible viewer that can be undocked from the web browser and moved to a secondary monitor.

Document Verification

Featuring a robust verification tool accessible via web interface, Documentelligence™ Conversion Software allows you to check the quality of your documents and easily release or reject documents in a batch.

Batch Manager

The Batch Manager is an easy way to track activity throughout the system. Administrators can open existing document batches, view the status of any existing batch, release a batch locked by a specific user, and more. A color-coded progress bar (red, yellow and green) keeps you informed every step of the way.


Reporting capabilities provide essential information and metrics for your business. You can generate reports based on user or date, including:

  • Dynamic active input and device license counts based upon current workflow usage across the organization
  • Keyboard tracking for billing purposes
  • Batch summary such as the number of documents in each batch, average processing time per document and per batch, etc.
  • User productivity including average keystrokes per document, total processing time per user, etc.


General Work Flow

Documentelligence™ was created by Copier Fax Business Technologies with the ultimate goal of improving workflow. Simple programs can lead to dramatic improvements for any type of business.

Any modern business should strive to automate and integrate their routine office tasks as much as possible in order to maximize efficiency. Advanced workflow automation lets operators, administrators and users concentrate on their core tasks – enhancing the productivity of the entire office.

Documentelligence™ helps businesses optimize their processes by automating document image processing and printing, and by routing tasks via customizable workflows. With automated workflows, common document processing tasks such as redaction, highlighting, file conversion with OCR, indexing and bates stamping can all be done with the touch of a button – maximizing productivity while reducing costs.

Documentelligence™ software is completely scalable to grow alongside your company and to suit any size business – from small companies to the large enterprise environments.  Even better, our document processing and printing routines run completely in the background, with minimal manual intervention.