More than meets the eye

More and more businesses have been called upon to provide better security for their employees, their premises and the surrounding areas. Employees want to navigate the darkened parking lots with ease and employers want to be more aware of threats, intruders and vandals with an eye toward proactive awareness of a breach and defusing highly dangerous situations.

Smart businesses, governments and schools need smart security solutions to protect their assets, staff and operations, and to guard against potential threats and liabilities. Deterrence can be just as important as surveillance. Protect your property, facilities and staff.

Our Video Security Solutions Include:

  • High-quality, indoor and outdoor cameras with professional software that can be viewed from anywhere.
  • Facial Recognition & License Plate Recognition Cameras.
  • On-premise and cloud-based technology options.
  • Intelligent Video Security Solutions that learn over time.
  • Two-way audio options.
  • Early Fire Prevention.

Automatic Event Detection
Alarm Messaging
Video Analysis
Direct Network Attached Storage (NAS)
Remote Function
Two-Way Audio with VOIP Messaging
Phone Connectivity
Early Fire Protection

Intelligent Video:

Countless organizations record extensive amounts of video footage. Due to lack of time, only a fraction of this material is viewed and scrutinized. As a consequence, occurrences and undesired activities remain undetected and suspicious behavior is not discovered in time so that critical incidents cannot be averted.

Our intelligent video security solutions can automatically analyze the video image and record only when a pre-defined alert occurs. Applications range from straightforward analyses like motion and audio detection all the way to the complex detection of camera manipulation, people counting or virtual fencing as well as license plate detection.

IT video systems can even filter video footage and specific data from data streams and integrate this material, for instance, into
cash management or access control systems. You benefit from the information with attractive advantages and new business potential.

Taking this approach, your enterprise has fast retrieval of relevant video material, more efficient staff assignments, reduced infrastructure and the opportunity to apply the information to actionable initiatives.

Intelligent Video Features:

Analysis of Customer Behavior

Counting visitor numbers, analyzing visitors’ movements in specific areas of the premises, and understanding these activities can help increase turnover and facilitate targeted conversions, help prevent employee fraud and shrink, plus have visibility into any odd behavior or breaches of your store or warehouse.

License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition increases the speed of vehicular access and departure, can open barriers automatically and relieve security staff of repetitive tasks. This facilitates the organization of the production, loading and/or parking processes, can shorten the dwell times of haulers, carriers and their drivers, and allows limiting access only to registered vehicles.

Environmental Adaption

Cameras can be installed anywhere thanks to their weatherproof, robust, and virtually maintenance-free design.  Furthermore, the systems seamlessly switch between day and night, and the most advanced security camera solutions combine thermal and optical monitoring.