As a decision maker in the public sector, the stakes are always high. You are constantly being asked to do more with less. Copier Fax Business Technologies understands your greatest challenge—dealing with budget reductions without sacrificing service or productivity.

Your decisions have enormous impact on the lives of our citizens, our economic well-being, our environment.  In addition to budget, we’ve identified other key challenges you face—and ways we can help you meet them head on.

Copier Fax Business Technologies is committed to helping you give shape to ideas that ultimately will help the people you serve.

Challenges for Government

Your goal is to provide the flexibility that lets users print what they need when they need it without disrupting their workflow. Control the cost of printed or copied output and provide advanced security to ensure that sensitive documents do not fall into the wrong hands.

With budget cuts, rising prices, and many more obstacles in your way, it can be difficult to effectively deliver government services. It’s necessary to find effective technology solutions that help you deliver more government services without compromising productivity.

The digital era has given government workers new ways to move and manage information—but you need to make sure it’s protected.It’s vital to partner with a leader in digital security, from built-in protection for documents and devices to enhanced capabilities and options that meet or exceed the highest security needs of government and military organizations.

Sometimes, newer technologies don‘t integrate well with older systems, and they become even more costly to invest time and resources for transition.  We handle all product maintenance and support, yearly, and at the end of product life we will transition and train them.


It’s necessary for governments to have trusted technology advisors to secure their data. Virtualized storage in storage area networks with data replication offer possible solutions to storage issues.