Rethink Security

Konica Minolta works closely with third-party security consultants to check each system for weaknesses or vulnerability, especially the security of information stored on bizhub® MFPs.  As a result, the total security system on all bizhub® MFPs is independently certified to the ISO 15408 data security standard as established by the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation.  While some manufacturers may only certify a component of their MFP or a “security kit,” the entire system architecture of a Konica Minolta MFP is certified out of the box.

For even more enhanced security,  bizhub® Secure offers the following security measures:

  • Hard Drive Encryption
  • Hard Drive Lock Password
  • Automatic Deletion of Temporary Image Data
  • Data Overwrite of Electronic Documents on a Timed Basis

At CFBT, we put our products through rigorous internal cybersecurity tests to protect systems and ensure they meet PCI, HIPAA, FERPA and GDPR regulations. But to ensure our customers receive the highest level of protection, we also invest in an extra layer of threat protection — penetration tests provided by NTT DATA Security Services.

Advanced Solutions:

  • Is your data encrypted or protected by complex passwords?
  • Does access to your printer/copier require user authentication?
  • Are print/copy functions tracked, so you know who, when, and where copies were made?
  • Is your email traffic logged and preserved?
  • Are printouts and faxes containing confidential information protected from unauthorized personnel?
  • Have you extended your network security protocols to your multifunction devices?