Copier Fax Business Technologies’ partnership with Konica Minolta’s bizhub products, allows us to provide businesses with the most secure, multifunctional printers in the world. Konica Minolta leads the industry in protecting classified information. You will receive lockdown protection with Bizhub Secure, including a set of enhanced password and data security measures to give your multifunctional printer an extra level of protection. To secure and protect any document image that might be present on the hard drive, the following security functions are enabled:

  • Hard Drive Encryption
  • Hard Drive Lock Password
  • Automatic Deletion of any temporary image data
  • Data Overwrite of electronic documents on a timed basis

Bizhub products meet ISO 15408 Common Criteria classification with enhanced security features, such as:

  • Bizhub Secure print with password security locks.
  • Customized User Authentication for printing, scanning, faxing and User Box.
  • Encrypted PDF workflow to protect information passing from PC to network.
  • Audit log/Image log management to track usage and control access to your device.
  • IP Filtering lets you register the IP addresses of PCs on your network.
  • SSL/TLS Encryption protects data during exchange between the MFP and network servers.
  • S/MIME Encryption safeguards your email exchanges.

You can also add state-of-the-art security options for your documents and devices, including:

  • HD Proximity Card Authentication Kit (AU-201H) for secure access to bizhub MFP functions.
  • Biometric Authentication Kit (AU-102) for quick “ID and print” operation using safe, secure finger-vein scans to identify users.
  • Copy Guard kit (SC-507) provides password-protected copy functionality.
  • An HDD Lock function applies password protection to your hard disk drive.
  • Job Erase function automatically overwrites your HDD up to three times, and HDD sanitizing overwrites data in eight different modes, meeting strict government standards when devices are repurposed or taken out of service.