Benefits of tomorrow’s office today!

Business Automation is an office way of life that we push for every business to try and achieve.  It’s converts your office to a smart office through the modern technology and process of Documentelligence™.

It gives you business automation like no other.  It’s the “Where?” “Why?” and “How?” we improve the proficiency, efficiency, and bottom line cost savings.

When offices adopt and embrace modern technology through Documentelligence™ – with both hardware and software, they have the potential to improve many difference facets of their business:

business automation 2

Morale. It’s the simplest improvement with Documentelligence™. Having a machine that works, easy access to a file, or systematizing mundane tasks goes a long way in reducing stress for your employees.


Employee Productivity.  How much time is wasted when your employees do something “manually”; searching for a paper file, hand-writing documents, waiting for a print.  This list goes on.  While all of these simple little tasks don’t seem like they eat up a lot of time – over the course of a year, this time adds up to many wasted company dollars that could be spent on more productive things.

Workplace Hub

Hardware Costs.  Your copy machine is extremely old.  The pros – it’s paid off.  The cons – it is constantly broken and the prints look terrible. Or you may have multiple smaller, higher cost machines that could be combined into one centralized, right-sized machine. In the big picture – what is better for the cost and productivity of your business?  We will show you the difference.


Space. Rows and rows of filing cabinets, a multitude of clunky, outdated machines, piles of documents stacked on every flat surface – this space could be repurposed for more profitable things!  Your file storage room could become a new employee’s office, used as a training facility for your sales team, or reallocated for that new service you’ve been looking to add to your business. Make your company dollars go further by freeing up costly square footage used to store paper!

See what Documentelligence™ can do for you…