Documentelligence™ Fax2Mail

For many businesses, faxing is still an integral part of their operations – although it may look a bit different compared to how we faxed back in the day. Faxing is still a required source for many institutions, especially in the medical, legal, and financial world. Modern technology is allowing businesses to have the same features of fax, including the security features, while also eliminating the standard “fax machine,” use of paper, and manual work that goes into sending fax.
Documentelligence™ Fax2Mail is a new program that allows businesses the full benefits of faxing but through the cloud!

Benefits of Fax2Mail

  • – Keep your current fax number
  • – Send and receive faxes (including from your home – with no fax lines).
  • – Manage, organize, track and store faxing activity
  • – Utilize the industry’s most sophisticated security features.
  • – Experience no service disruptions
  • – Reduce costs by eliminating hardware, fax servers, and other needed infrastructure for a traditional fax machine.
Your entire fax system has web-based administration tools, which allows real-time account modifications. This includes centralized reporting, user management, cover sheet management, billing attributes, and delivery report options.
Studies have shown that Fax2Mail can save businesses up to 50% of their normal costs, should they continue using a traditional fax machine.