Document Destruction Services

Shred with Confidence!

Businesses of all sizes have sensitive information stored in various formats. Many Federal and State laws require organizations to destroy confidential or personally identifiable information securely. The need to securely dispose of and destroy documents with sensitive information is paramount to comply with these laws and provide operational transparency and efficiency.  CFBT is proud to offer document destruction services now – allowing your documents to be securely and thoroughly destroyed.

Service Options:

Recurring Services

Organizations with sensitive information that require ongoing destruction should invest in recurring shredding. Scheduled shredding assists in minimizing the risk of valuable information being lost, stolen, or misplaced and ensures documents never accumulate past a certain point. For your convenience and security, CFBT provides a variety of sizes and types of lockable shredding collection containers to fit your specific needs. Our chain-of-custody protocols, extensive vetting processes, and Certificate of Destruction receipts ensure your documents are handled with the utmost care and security in a timeframe that best fits your shredding needs.

One-Time Services

If your business doesn’t routinely create a large volume of paper documents, one-time shredding may be your best option. Whether you’re clearing out storage or disposing of old documents, our paper shredding services are secure, efficient, and designed to meet your unique needs. It’s a cost-effective way to securely and conveniently rid your organization of files once or as needed.

How it Works:

Set Your Schedule

Meet with our Documentelligence™ Specialists to discuss your service needs and schedule the installation of locked shredding bins for your office. Choose from a variety of consoles and totes, and set your pickup schedule to meet your destruction and security compliance requirements.

Fill Your Bin

Place any sensitive documents into your chosen console, including – client files and contact lists, financial reports, private correspondence, employee records, and documents with personal identifying information.

Recurring Pickup

One of our licensed and certified team members will arrive at your selected interval timeframe and scan containers to confirm documents have been collected for destruction.

Secure Destruction and Documentation

Following certified processes, documents are transported in GPS-equipped vehicles to our secure shredding facility and shredded. After every material pickup, a Proof of Service Certificate is provided to acknowledge that your documents have been collected for secure destruction.

Realized Environmental Goals

Shredded paper is provided to paper mills for recycling and repurposing, supporting sustainability goals without compromising data security.

Compliance and Security

Your personal and business documents are your business. When it comes time to destroy confidential information, you need to turn to someone you can trust.

  • NYS Licensed Document Destruction Contractor
  • GPS-equipped vehicles, cross-cut technology, and destruction at secure facilities, maximizing all security protocols.
  • Trained, Profesional, and extensively vetted representatives.
  • Proof of Service (also referred to as Certificate of Destruction) is provided upon service completion for your records.
  • Paper is repurposed and recycled supporting sustainability without compromising data security.

Choose Your Bin

Our secure, wheeled totes may be the proper fit for customers who shred large quantities of files. Our totes feature The Most Secure Lid in the Document Destruction Industry. The lock and key–secured lid overhangs the edges of the opening, which prevents entry into the lid and maximizes content security.

Choose from two sizes: 65 or 95 Gallon.

  • Dimensions: 25”W x 29”D x 42”H (65G), 28”W x 33”D x 46”H (95 G)
  • Capacity: up to 260 lbs. (65G) / 330 Ibs. (95G)

Our top-of-the-line consoles feature a door-mounted paper guard, hooks that won’t bend or come out, locks that lock automatically, and a custom-fit heavy- duty bag.

Choose from three sizes: Standard 35”, or space-saving 27” and 24”.

  • Dimensions (inches) 19”W x l7”D x 35”H/27”H/24”H
  • Capacity: up to 90 Ibs. (41 kg)