Copier Fax Business Technologies Launches Telepresence Robot

img_9743-copyBuffalo, NY – Copier Fax Business Technologies has announced the launch of the “Telepresence Robot,” an innovative robot that acts as a physical stand-in, for users that are working remotely.

The device is like video conferencing on steroids.  Copier Fax will start by featuring the “Double 2”; a two-wheeled balancing robot with an attached iPad.  The robot can be maneuvered via remote control throughout a room, or building, allowing the user on the other side to see, hear, and speak as if they are physically present.

“Doctors can consult a patient in Miami, and guest speak in London while sitting in their office in Buffalo,” says Al Scibetta, Owner and President of Copier Fax Business Technologies.  “It has taken productivity and opportunity to a new level.”

The robot distributed through Konica Minolta, and Copier Fax Business Technologies has the rights to this product in Western New York.  Copier Fax Business Technologies is the oldest and largest Konica Minolta Dealer in Western New York and shares an exclusive partnership with Konica Minolta to be the Official Office Technology Company of the Buffalo Sabres.

Earlier this year, Konica Minolta launched the “Workplace of the Future,” which was a new program that will offer advanced technology, such as robots, and digital receptionists in the workplace, to dramatically enhance productivity and collaboration for businesses.

More robots will be continually launched throughout the next year, and Copier Fax Business Technologies will continue to be a partner with Konica Minolta when these advanced technologies become available for Western New York.

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