Backfile Scanning Services

Systematic filing of paper documents takes time, money and space. But with Documentelligence™, digitizing documents takes seconds, copies are eliminated and storage space for all files and folders is reduced to icons. Documents can be immediately retrieved with one click. Stop searching and start finding with Documentelligence™ Backfile Scanning.

How it works:

Our team of highly trained professionals uses state-of-the-art equipment and the most advanced practices to convert your stored records, drawings and microfilm to usable, digital images with speed and accuracy. After your documents are digitized and stored, they can be retrieved within seconds from anywhere.

Backfile Scanning also includes the following features:

  • Start-to-finish chain of custody and security features to safeguard your documents and their contents.
  • Thorough preparation of documents to remove any hindrances to high-speed scanning and ensure optimal processing.
  • High-speed scanning capabilities that approach 200 pages per-minute with an extraordinary range of image enhancements.
  • A three-step quality assurance process that ensures maximum data integrity and readability.

Benefits of Backfile Scanning:

High Security

We accept total accountability for the chain of custody from time a document enters our possession until it is stored programmatically, or returned to you. We have over a decade of experience protecting and processing sensitive information. You can rest assured knowing that our process is compliant with HIPAA, FERPA, FINRA and other security regulations.

Quality Control

Digital images produced by our high-speed scanning equipment are checked for accuracy in three separate, specialized quality control processes. Processes involve both manual inspection and the use of unique software designed expressly for large batch image inspection. Unacceptable images are compared to the original, then rescanned using a high quality exception scanner.

Immediate Access to Documents

While scanning your documents, we can offer you fast and easy access, anytime you need them. You tell us when you need the project completed, which documents to start with, and how you want them delivered and we’ll do the rest. Plus, you’ll still have access to your documents while they’re in our possession.