How much office space is used for files?

In real estate, the cost per square footage could make or break the deal. Maximizing how you use that square footage should be equally important. How much rent are you paying for space to store your files? How necessary is it to have the physical paper files in your office, versus digital access?

We created a guide to help you estimate how much paper fills up certain spaces. From there – we can determine a cost to digitize those files, while you can determine the money you save by better utilize that space!


There’s no question about it – the office world will never be the same post-COVID compared to Pre-COVID. Although we may find ourselves back in the offices at 100% capacity by the end of the year (we hope), there has been new precedence set for people’s ability to work remotely.

Snowstorm? Is a kid home sick from school? Staying home waiting for a delivery? Instead of taking the day off – how likely are you to work remotely?

For almost 10 years, Copier Fax Business Technologies has been offering the service of scanning your paper files and digitizing them so they are safely stored in the cloud, easily searchable and accessible, all while giving the entire office the ability to view, edit and share files any time, anywhere.

A good majority of the businesses we have serviced used our program as a way to save space in their offices. Instead of having entire rooms full of filing cabinets – the space is utilized for more office space.

Any and all files can be digitized – including architectural drawings, photos, booklets, etc. from any age.

With the transition back into offices, we are shining a light on this incredible service that we offer, and we are offering a complimentary “Banker’s Box” scan for any new or current DocuWare Customers looking to utilize our scanning services.

More information can be found HERE!  Get in the digital world!

Fairport Resident Leads the Way in Bringing Thermal Facial Recognition Technology to Rochester, NY

With last week’s announcement about school openings from Governor Andrew Cuomo, there still stands the question of what exactly schools will do to not only open up safely – but also to remain open throughout the entire school year.  For many schools, businesses, and municipalities throughout New York State, technology has played a key role in making this happen.

Fairport, NY resident, Kristyn Foskett, a senior office business technology representative is bringing new technology to Rochester – that is leading the way for safe reopening across the state.

As the manager for the Rochester office of Copier Fax Business Technologies, Kristyn is overseeing the launch of Thermal Facial Recognition Cameras and touch-less check-in technology.  The Documentelligence™ Thermal Facial Recognition Camera is a single-screen temperature & facial recognition display that can provide an instant temperature check, mask detection, and facial recognition for contact tracing and visitor registration.  It combines a powerful thermal camera and industrial-grade binocular wide dynamic camera in one stand-alone system that is 100% hands-free.

Additionally, students, staff, and visitors can check in with a touchless receptionist, which includes instructions, waivers, and notifications between the visitor, and the person waiting in the building.

Several schools throughout New York State are bringing this technology to their doors as a way of quickly and appropriately monitoring the health and safety of students, staff, and faculty.

If necessary, a camera can instantly notify an administrator if there is an elevated temperature, a mask violation, or any other monitoring features that are set up by the school to process their guests.  The device even lights up (and sounds an alarm if the feature is turned on) when someone is in violation.

Greenlight means the person is clear to enter.

Copier Fax Business Technologies was founded in Buffalo, NY in 1990, but has since expanded to a second location in Rochester within the last decade.  Kristyn is the lead manager for Rochester, NY, and the surrounding regions.

When Kristyn was first hired at Copier Fax Business Technologies, her work was cut out for her – with her numerous years in the office technology industry.  Printers, scanners, fax machines, and office software consumed her day.  But when COVID-19 hit, and offices shut down, Kristyn had to explore new technology to address these changing times.

Documentelligence™ Thermal Facial Recognition Cameras featured on WIVB

Documentelligence™ Thermal Facial Recognition Cameras featured on WROC – Rochester, NY

Documentelligence™ Thermal Facial Recognition Cameras featured on WKBW

Documentelligram: July 2020

Copier Fax Business Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of the Documentelligence™ Thermal Temperature Monitoring System.
Copier Fax Business Technologies Documentelligence™ Stay Well Program has become the go-to solution for many businesses, schools and municipalities to safely reopen.
Our biggest focus right now is schools. Schools are in a critical planning period for a safe opening. We are optimistic that schools will open in some way shape or form this year. But the key is the ability to keep the students and faculty safe.
The Thermal Facial Recognition Cameras in combination with The Receptionist can not only allow for touch-less check-in for students, staff, employees and visitors, but it can also do an instant temperature check for all people that enter the building.

Check out our July 2020 Documentelligram to learn more about our Thermal Facial Recognition Cameras – CLICK HERE!

Documentelligram: June 2020

Copier Fax Business Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of the Documentelligence™ Thermal Temperature Monitoring System.
The single-screen temperature & facial recognition display can prevent intruders and people with elevated temperature or no mask from entering your offices, schools, hospitals & public facilities. It combines a powerful thermal camera and industrial-grade binocular wide dynamic camera in one stand-alone system that is  100% hands-free.
Have your staff and visitors check in to your facility using the Documentelligence™ Thermal Facial Recognition System and make sure everyone meets compliance.
Several municipalities, including schools, town courts, nursing home facilities are already in the process of setting up these devices on their campuses, as they navigate through the operational changes because of COVID-19.

Check out our June 2020 Documentelligram to learn more about our Thermal Facial Recognition Cameras – CLICK HERE!

Documentelligram: May 2020

COVID-19 has taught us all to expect the unexpected. It also taught us to be prepared – should we have to work remotely again while practicing healthy measures inside the workplace to stay safe. Introducing the Documentelligence™ StayWell StayConnected program. We have developed exclusive solutions that address any and all concerns for your COVID-19 business navigations.

Check out our May 2020 Documentelligram to learn more about our new program – CLICK HERE!

CFBT Announces Launch of iSeries

Born from a desire to rethink the role of multifunctional printers in business, the next-generation technology, the bizhub i-Series seamlessly connects your dynamic environment. Simply and securely bringing together people, places and devices to embrace the way you work. Improve communications and productivity, streamline processes, make better decisions and, ultimately, enable smarter business.

Features of the i-Series include:

  • Simple operability and high quality performance. Users can complete tasks efficiently and effectively from anywhere.
  • Integrated cloud services offer the right processes at the right time. A more convenient workflows is available for everyone.
  • Next-generation security technology is built in, providing a reliable and safe environment for your business.
  • Voice connection allows for an easier operation and enhanced accessibility. Users can operate and even learn from the i-Series with their voice, in the same familiar way as their smartphone. It also gives access to the visually impaired, who can autonomously handle their copy and scan jobs, without touching the device.
  • With intelligent usability, next-generation security and seamless connectivity, the bizhub i-Series connects tomorrow’s workplace today.

You can see live demos of the new i-Series at Doctoberfest 2019!

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