The change in healthcare is not just in medicine.  It’s also in operations, legalities, compliance, technology and more.  Paper charts are a thing of the past.  Digital access to patients is a thing of the future.  Copier Fax Business Technologies is your guide.

Challenges for Healthcare

With a more strictly defined HIPAA, repercussions and fines for data breaches of personal health information have drastically increased. Konica Minolta MFPs provide special security safeguards for HIPAA compliance, as the only brand that hasn’t been hacked yet. 

A top improvement majority of physicians want to see at their facility today is the ability for different software systems to exchange data with one another –  a major challenge for hospitals today. We’re experienced in uploading with many popular EHR systems, including Medent. 

Sometimes, newer technologies don‘t integrate well with older systems, and they become even more costly to invest time and resources for transition.  We handle all product maintenance and support, yearly, and at the end of product life we will transition and train them.

The communication between healthcare data exchanges presents a multitude of standards and policy issues that must be analyzed. With the implementation of new faxing methods and Docuware, we ensure successful implementation can take place. 

The challenge of wireless networking is a significant issue for the adoption of Telemedicine. Varying state policies on telemedicine utilization and reimbursement continues to be an obstacle to wider adoption of this emerging practice.  With proper telecommunication software , like Konica Minolta’s SnapMD, a policy can be established that meets security and HIPAA privacy requirements.

The amount of data and length of time data must be stored as required by HITECH Act and Data Retention Laws threatens to quickly exceed existing storage capacity.  Virtualized storage in storage area networks with data replication offer possible solutions to storage issues.