Copier Fax Business Technologies and Konica Minolta are pleased to introduce you to the Workplace Hub™, and proudly stands as the only provider in the office technology industry to offer this innovative product.

Documentelligence™ and Konica Minolta have embraced technology through the Workplace of the Future™, and have now welcomed simplicity through the revolutionary Workplace Hub.  This technology connects your hardware, software and IT system into a single infrastructure.  You’ll have a seamless configuration, with a single place to manage every device, every file, every program, and all of your IT.

The Workplace Hub™ is the first step towards delivering systems that intuitively connect people, places and devices into a platform that is accessible and manageable from a single place.

As the world’s most connected, intelligent edge device. It delivers seamless collaboration, intelligent systems, and efficient productivity. It unifies all of your existing technologies, integrating hardware, software and services into a one-stop connected platform. Designed to future-proof workplaces of every size, workplace hub is built to be flexible. Providing efficient and effective management of tools, services and devices. It is a platform that has transformed the office space. Creating a centralized IT ecosystem for the workplace of the future.

The Workplace Hub™ gives you the IT capability of a far bigger company and freedom of a start-up. It unifies systems, removes repetitive tasks and enhances standards. It ends unwelcome IT distractions. It helps you work smarter, and the seamless integration of new intelligent technologies, ensure you’re always performing at your best.

What Makes it Unique. The Workplace Hub™ is the first solution to unify your IT system and learn how you behave to make work more effective. Until now compatibility between systems has been one of the great obstacles to productivity at work. By uniting the different parts of your IT infrastructure, the Workplace Hub™ removes this barrier and provides intelligence-based services. It makes it easy to plan, manage and grow the IT environment that’s right for you. It enables your people to work smarter from any device or location.

Processes become simpler. Collaboration becomes easy. Work becomes intuitive. There’s less downtime. And you can rest assured that everything is safe and secure.

How it Works.  Workplace Hub™ is one complete ecosystem that combines hardware, software, and a full suite of services, leaving you to choose the level of support, service and security you require.  A single Admin Dashboard can collaborate all of your IT infrastructure and Managed IT Services though one single program.

To learn more about how the Workplace Hub™ can improve your office, contact us today to speak with a Documentelligence™ Solutions Specialist.