Non Profits can be one of the more complicated organizations to operate.  From legalities, numerous members, subscribers or volunteers, and overall maintaining a strategic cash flow are all things that operators have to face.  Copier Fax Business Technologies partners with dozens of non profits, helping with smooth operations while supporting their bottom line.

Challenges for Non-Profits

Operationally, digital transformation can streamline processes, cut waste, and speed up ‘time to market’. In a report by McKinsey, the benefits of digitization (and digitalization) are found to be huge, with some businesses experiencing cost cuts up to 90% and turnaround times improved significantly.

Mobility has become so ubiquitous in technology today. Konica Minolta’s mobile solutions allow users to print and manage records on networked bizhub MFPs, access documents, and collaborate with connectors to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Sharepoint and EverNote. And all this can be done securely anytime from anywhere.

It’s necessary for businesses to have trusted technology advisors to secure their data. Virtualized storage in storage area networks with data replication offer possible solutions to storage issues. 

You can only realize the full capacity of your organization when you’re running smoothly on all fronts. We can promote faster inter-departmental processing, allowing staff to make better, more informed decisions while you address growing complex nuances of your business.