Do you still use pen and paper to sign visitors into your office? Sharpies to write name badges? Do you constantly have visitors waiting in the lobby? Are deliveries constantly coming throughout the day?

It is now crucial for workplaces to limit unnecessary person-to-person contact and potential transmission incidents. Many are looking to alter the way they check-in, track, and collect information in order to protect visitors and employees from potential exposure.

The Receptionist for iPad® can help you solve these specific office challenges. It is the most versatile, effective and easy-to-use Visitor Management system available. Whether you have a few employees or thousands, this simple visitor logging system can manage your visitor flow, track visitors, print badges and so much more. The Receptionist for iPad is just one of the ways we are reshaping the Workplace of the Future™, helping you work smarter, more productively and more collaboratively. Giving shape to ideas that will transform your office now and in the future. Giving shape to ideas that will reinvent the way organizations work today—and tomorrow.

A New Way of Business.

Put The Receptionist for iPad to work for you. Making a great first impression is critical to the success of your company. The Receptionist for iPad helps your company leave a lasting one as soon as someone walks into the office. It’s fully customizable, built to function the way you need it to; and as simple or complex as you want it to be.

Manage Your Visitor Flow

Using The Receptionist, you can create a unique visitor flow for each type of visitor that comes to your office. Once your visitor checks in, they are connected directly to the person they are visiting.

Track Who’s Coming and Going

Say goodbye to the paper visitor log (and the illegible handwriting on it). The Receptionist for iPad is continuously collecting and storing information about every visitor in the Visitor Log. Since the information is in the Cloud, you can store and see who visited, as well as export and print a detailed record of the day, week, month or year.

Connect with Visitors Via Text, Email or Slack

When a visitor comes to your office, you can be notified via text message, email or Slack. It’s your choice. Once you’re notified, using the proprietary Receptionist for iPad two-way messaging, you can respond back to the iPad and let visitors know you’ll be right there. You can also set up automatic message forwarding so another contact can be notified if you’re unable to respond.

Set Up Delivery Options

Never miss a package or food delivery. The Receptionist for iPad allows you to create a delivery button, choose carriers and even select message options for the delivery, such as “requires signature,” “left delivery at counter,” or a custom message. Delivery drivers can simply connect with the recipient—virtually anywhere they are.

Print Badges to Identify Visitors

The days of using markers and handwritten name badges are history. As soon as the visitor completes the check-in process, a badge is automatically printed. The badge can include your company’s logo, a picture of the visitor, their name, who they’re visiting, date and time.

Enable Photos and Capture Signed Documents

Utilizing the iPad’s front-facing camera, you can enable the Photo Capture option, which takes a photo of your visitor when they check-in. You can also add legal agreements such as NDA’s, interviewee documents and site requirements. All the information is then stored within the Visitor Log.