CFBT Launches Workplace of the Future Line

13_ideum_multitouch_upperheroCopier Fax Business Technologies is pleased to announce the official launch of our Workplace of the Future line. The demand for data and information to make faster and better decisions is staggering.  Konica Minolta has taken the technology offered for businesses to the next level, to offer technological advancement in nearly every aspect of your office.  These technological advances are known as Konica Minolta’s Workplace of the Future™.

As a proud partner of Konica Minolta, Copier Fax Business Technologies, through Documentelligence™ can provide Workplace of the Future™ with these state-of-the-art technological advancements right here in Western New York.

Here is a highlight of some of our featured products:

The Receptionist:  The Receptionist is the most versatile, effective, and easy-to-use Visitor Management System available.  Whether you have a few employees or a large staff, this logging system can manage your visitor flow, track visitors, print badges, and more

ALICE:  ALICE uses a touch screen and live video technology to directly connect visitors with your employees, greeting them and notifying staff when a visitor enters your office space.

Telepresence Robot: More than just video conferencing, the Double®2 gives you a real, physical presence, while allowing you to travel from room to room, meeting to meeting, classroom to classroom on a more interactive level.

Documentelligence Collaboration Board:  The Documentelligence™ Collaboration Table is a turnkey, all-in-one high-performance interactive table with 3MTM touch technology.  From interactive meetings, enhanced presence at trade shows, or education opportunities at the consumer – or student-level;  The DocumentelligenceTM Collaboration Table is giving shape to ideas and providing boundless possibilities for today’s workforce.

The full list of our products and downloadable brochures can be found on our website.  Simply CLICK HERE.

We look forward to working with you to continue our mission of bringing you Tomorrow’s Office Today.