What is CFBT’s Business Automation?

mfp screenIn conjunction with the launch of our Workplace of the Future line, we also open the doors for what we like to call “Business Automation”.

Business Automation is an office “way of life” that we push for every business to try and achieve.  Business Automation could be credited as the reason we created Documentelligence™- which converts your office to a smart office through hardware, software, and document management.  It’s the “Where?” “Why?” and “How?” we improve proficiency, efficiency, and bottom-line cost savings.

When offices adopt and embrace modern technology – with both hardware and software, they have the potential to improve many different facets of their business:

Morale.  It’s the simplest improvement in Business Automation.  Having a machine that works, or easy access to a file goes a long way in reducing stress for your employees.

Employee Productivity.  How much time is wasted when your employees do something “manually”; searching for a paper file, hand-writing documents, waiting for a print?  This list goes on.  While all of these simple little tasks don’t seem like they eat up a lot of time – over a year, and many years, this time adds up and it is wasted company dollars that could be spent on more productive things.

Hardware Costs.  Your copy machine is extremely old.  The pros – it’s paid off.  The cons – it is constantly broken, and the prints look terrible.  You may have multiple machines that could be combined into one fantastic machine, and it takes forever to print your documents.  In the big picture – what is better for the cost and productivity of your business?  We will show you the difference.

Space.  Filing cabinets, a multitude of big old machines, paper after paper.  This space could be used by either more employees or smaller rent when you locate to a more efficient space.  Whether we digitize your paper files, combine your hardware machines, or implement software that improves the flow of your office – we encourage you to make the most out of the money per square footage your spending.