Copier Fax to offer Precision Label Series

Copier Fax Business Technologies will be launching a new hardware solution in Western New York.

In an exclusive partnership with Muratec, CFBT will now offer a Precision Label Series.  This digital label press allows businesses to create dynamic, full-color product labels that can be used for…anything!  From bakeshops to breweries, or labels on boxes, these machines will allow for in-house production of the labels, which can potentially save thousands of dollars off the bottom line.

 Labels can be produced in a variety of substrates, including pre-die-cut labels, non-converted face stocks, paper, synthetics, adhesive-backed, foils, and more.

 This type of flexibility is perfect for:

– Food and beverage labels

– Industrial chemicals

– GHS and safety information

– Corporate branding and promotional items

– Parking permits, and school spirit materials.

These new label machines will be demoed at our open house (Doctoberfest 2016) – which is Thursday, September 29th from 11 am – to 7 pm.

For more information, please contact us today at 716-853-5000.

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