CFBT Announces Launch of iSeries

Born from a desire to rethink the role of multifunctional printers in business, the next-generation technology, the bizhub i-Series seamlessly connects your dynamic environment. Simply and securely bringing together people, places and devices to embrace the way you work. Improve communications and productivity, streamline processes, make better decisions and, ultimately, enable smarter business.

Features of the i-Series include:

  • Simple operability and high quality performance. Users can complete tasks efficiently and effectively from anywhere.
  • Integrated cloud services offer the right processes at the right time. A more convenient workflows is available for everyone.
  • Next-generation security technology is built in, providing a reliable and safe environment for your business.
  • Voice connection allows for an easier operation and enhanced accessibility. Users can operate and even learn from the i-Series with their voice, in the same familiar way as their smartphone. It also gives access to the visually impaired, who can autonomously handle their copy and scan jobs, without touching the device.
  • With intelligent usability, next-generation security and seamless connectivity, the bizhub i-Series connects tomorrow’s workplace today.

You can see live demos of the new i-Series at Doctoberfest 2019!