Get Tomorrow’s Office Today

COVID-19 has taught us all to expect the unexpected.  It also taught us to be prepared – should we have to work remotely again while practicing healthy measures inside the workplace to stay safe.

Introducing the Documentelligence™ Stay Well Stay Connected program.  We have developed exclusive solutions that address any and all concerns for your COVID-19 back to work business navigations.


Stay Connected

Stay Connected is designed to help your entire company to work from home if needs be.  Your program could be as simple as getting a multifunctional desktop printer in your home, or we could have your entire company connected through a secure network.  We can also help you access all of your office files remotely, scan paper files to digitize them, and even help you send faxes right through your smartphone.


Stay Well

Here you will find solutions that will dramatically help with social distancing within your office.  Having your employees feel safe while having the peace of mind knowing that you are taking the proper measures to ensure their safety could be key to your success for your transition back into the office.  From a digital receptionist to thermal cameras to check your visitors’ temperatures, we are here to be your partner in implementing the safety measures moving forward.


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