There are a lot of moving parts to run a successful restaurant and entertainment establishment.  The volume of transactions with the public, along with tips, profit dips, and managing both a menu and staff.  Through Documtentelligence™, Copier Fax Business Technologies picks up every napkin to ensure a clean operation.

We proudly partner with some of the biggest restaurant and entertainment businesses in Western New York, including being the Official Office Technology Company of the Buffalo Sabres™.  From employees to fans, every home game seems almost 20,000 people in and around the operation.  We’re in it to win it!

Challenges for Restaurants and the Entertainment Industry

Productivity can be maximized through scanned and digitized receipts, that can become easily searched to verify appropriate tips, signatures, and receipts.

A wide variety of issues can cause delays between one restaurant and another when they share resources. Syncing all of the data, software, hardware and management into one single location can drastically lessen complications.

Noncompliance can cost a restaurant its customers, loss of credit card privileges, and considerable fines. By selecting technology capable of backfile scanning and Docuware storing, you’re ensuring a high level of overall network security, in addition to protecting vulnerable customer payment card data.


Your business is constantly responsible for the output of daily specials, menus, signs, events, etc. It’s important to find solutions that can capture all of your electronic and paper-based documents, integrate them into your applications and automate workflows that provide instant access to your documents and information in a secure central location.