Documentelligence™ Software

Copier Fax Business Technologies has been ranked as one of the top performing DocuWare providers in the world. With the constant advancements  in technology and the continual evolution of the “digital” world, it’s important that businesses keep up with the changes, while keeping their office network and documents safe and secure.

Copier Fax Business Technologies’ Documentelligence™ provides numerous software solution options that help with data management, IT solutions and security, while saving your office time and money.

Mobile Apps

Let’s face it. There’s an app for everything. The trouble is finding someone that can tell you which apps are worth your time. Apps can change the way you do business, and Documentelligence™ from Copier Fax Business Technologies does just that. From customized, branded apps for your company and sales staff, to accessing information from anywhere in the world, we’ve got an app for that.


Documentelligence™ was created by Copier Fax Business Technologies with the ultimate goal of improving workflow. Simple programs can lead to dramatic improvements for any type of business. Whether it’s: requiring HIPAA regulations to be in place for strict auditing procedures; having PDF-A format to submit documents electronically to courts; integrating HID card swipe access to control printing devices in schools or large work environments; or simple ways to share information among board members – Documentelligence™ can make it all happen.

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