Copier Fax Business Technologies has been deemed an essential business based on the New York State Federal guidelines, as we provide technical support.

We are open for business and we’re here to help you. All of our services include a “nothing out of pocket” 90-day program. This includes Documentelligence™ with digital workflow for your entire company, cloud storage, collaboration tools for all of your departments and all the professional services it takes to get it done!

How we can help:

  – Streamline your workflow for all your departments, so you can successfully work from home and still have a vision of your entire company’s performance.

 – We can do this all remotely and immediately.

 – Scanning. We can pick up critical paper documents and scan them to make them immediately available to their teams.

 – Documentelligence™ for 90 days with document storage, collaboration with teams, workflow and more!


Once again – To help cashflow during this time, we are offering help for nothing out of pocket for 90 days.

We want to help you through this! We want to keep your business running strongly!


If this is an emergency, please call 716-853-5000.