Do you begin your workday with information overload? Is important information dispersed among dozens of folders and hard drives in your office? If your desk is littered with piles of documents, before you start sifting through it, try document management.

Copier Fax Business Technologies provides document management services and electronic filing for businesses in Buffalo and Rochester, NY. We can take all of the important information needed to run your business and make it infinitely more useful by making it more accessible.

State-of-the-art DocuWare

Document management means taking all types of documents, emails and attachments and placing them in one central document pool. This process is automated at every workstation, kept word-for-word and sorted logically for quick and easy access.

Thousands of companies in Buffalo and Rochester, NY have benefitted from document management services. With DocuWare, your digitized copies – emails, paper files, MS office documents – are just a mouse-click away. Your information remains secure, controlled and logged at all times. Put intelligent technology to work for you.

Make Your Information Mobile

Electronic filing is key for businesses that rely on remote users. We can provide online access to your documents regardless of your location. DocuWare can access file cabinets and documents in the central document pool via Internet, giving you a full range of functions. Your employees can access what they need straight from their smartphones or laptops.

Document management increases your profits, decreases your costs and improves your productivity. In a world of more and more information, we find ourselves less and less informed. Copier Fax Business Technologies can change that with reliable and professional document management services.