Fairport Resident Leads the Way in Bringing Thermal Facial Recognition Technology to Rochester, NY

With last week’s announcement about school openings from Governor Andrew Cuomo, there still stands the question of what exactly schools will do to not only open up safely – but also to remain open throughout the entire school year.  For many schools, businesses, and municipalities throughout New York State, technology has played a key role in making this happen.

Fairport, NY resident, Kristyn Foskett, a senior office business technology representative is bringing new technology to Rochester – that is leading the way for safe reopening across the state.

As the manager for the Rochester office of Copier Fax Business Technologies, Kristyn is overseeing the launch of Thermal Facial Recognition Cameras and touch-less check-in technology.  The Documentelligence™ Thermal Facial Recognition Camera is a single-screen temperature & facial recognition display that can provide an instant temperature check, mask detection, and facial recognition for contact tracing and visitor registration.  It combines a powerful thermal camera and industrial-grade binocular wide dynamic camera in one stand-alone system that is 100% hands-free.

Additionally, students, staff, and visitors can check in with a touchless receptionist, which includes instructions, waivers, and notifications between the visitor, and the person waiting in the building.

Several schools throughout New York State are bringing this technology to their doors as a way of quickly and appropriately monitoring the health and safety of students, staff, and faculty.

If necessary, a camera can instantly notify an administrator if there is an elevated temperature, a mask violation, or any other monitoring features that are set up by the school to process their guests.  The device even lights up (and sounds an alarm if the feature is turned on) when someone is in violation.

Greenlight means the person is clear to enter.

Copier Fax Business Technologies was founded in Buffalo, NY in 1990, but has since expanded to a second location in Rochester within the last decade.  Kristyn is the lead manager for Rochester, NY, and the surrounding regions.

When Kristyn was first hired at Copier Fax Business Technologies, her work was cut out for her – with her numerous years in the office technology industry.  Printers, scanners, fax machines, and office software consumed her day.  But when COVID-19 hit, and offices shut down, Kristyn had to explore new technology to address these changing times.