Documentelligram: July 2020

Copier Fax Business Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of the Documentelligence™ Thermal Temperature Monitoring System.
Copier Fax Business Technologies Documentelligence™ Stay Well Program has become the go-to solution for many businesses, schools and municipalities to safely reopen.
Our biggest focus right now is schools. Schools are in a critical planning period for a safe opening. We are optimistic that schools will open in some way shape or form this year. But the key is the ability to keep the students and faculty safe.
The Thermal Facial Recognition Cameras in combination with The Receptionist can not only allow for touch-less check-in for students, staff, employees and visitors, but it can also do an instant temperature check for all people that enter the building.

Check out our July 2020 Documentelligram to learn more about our Thermal Facial Recognition Cameras – CLICK HERE!