Konica Minolta Acquires Muratec

As of August 1, 2017, Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A. has acquired Muratec, which is now considered a wholly owned subsidiary.  Muratec will retain the name and independence as a Konica Minolta division.

TherKonica_Minolta_Color_Logo(1)e will be no change in Muratec’s operations, but the ultimate goal of this transaction was to provide dealers and partners additional products and services.  Konica Minolta plans to invest in Muratec technology, to enhance adjacency product sales, including digital label presses.

Copier Fax Business Technologies will be keeping our finger on the heart beat, and sharing with you the latest and greatest technology that may come from this new acquisition.  If you have a Muratec product, please know that you will continue to receive the upmost quality and service.

If you have any questions, please call us at 716-853-5000.


Copier Fax Business Technologies to launches the Receptionist: A digital greeter for area businesses!

img_9683Buffalo, NY – Copier Fax Business Technologies has announced the launch “The Receptionist,” a digital visitor management system for businesses in Western New York.  This innovative system is the first in the Western New York market.

This new visitor management system allows tracking of everyone who enters the office building.  Guests check in with “The Receptionist,” which will then keep a visitor log, take photos of your visitors for identification, print custom visitor ID badges, which include the visitor’s photo and company logo.  It also tracks all deliveries, legal documents, and general visitor notifications.  Employees receive a notification when their guests check-in.

The system can also provide instructions and information for guests that arrive.  For larger buildings, this could include which floor or room to enter, waiting room instructions, directions to conference rooms and more.

Implementation of this innovative program is executed on an iPad, with additional software programs that sync with the office IT system.

This technology is not meant to replace a current receptionist; rather, it is designed to help the productivity.  A study from Carnegie Mellon University found that people who were interrupted during a cognitive skill test performed 20% worse than those who weren’t interrupted.

“The role of the receptionist has evolved dramatically, thanks to modern technology,” says Al Scibetta, Owner and President of Copier Fax Business Technologies.  “Their skills have expanded to be an important asset to all departments, and this technology will help them be as productive as possible with their duties.”

Additionally, this program is designed to dramatically improve office security.  This includes visitor privacy, tracking, and identification.  Businesses will be able to know exactly who came through the door, at what time, with an accompanying picture of the individual.

The Receptionist is on display at Copier Fax Business Technologies’ Buffalo showroom.  In-office demonstrations and trials are also available upon request.

Copier Fax Business Technologies Launches Telepresence Robot

img_9743-copyBuffalo, NY – Copier Fax Business Technologies has announced the launch of the “Telepresence Robot,” an innovative robot that acts as a physical stand-in, for users that are working remotely.

The device is like video conferencing on steroids.  Copier Fax will start by featuring the “Double 2”; a two-wheeled balancing robot with an attached iPad.  The robot can be maneuvered via remote control throughout a room, or building, allowing the user on the other side to see, hear, and speak as if they are physically present.

“Doctors can consult a patient in Miami, and guest speak in London, while sitting in their office in Buffalo,” says Al Scibetta, Owner and President of Copier Fax Business Technologies.  “It has taken productivity and opportunity to a new level.”

The robot distributed through Konica Minolta, and Copier Fax Business Technologies has the rights to this product in Western New York.  Copier Fax Business Technologies is the oldest and largest Konica Minolta Dealer in Western New York, and shares an exclusive partnership with Konica Minolta to be the Official Office Technology Company of the Buffalo Sabres.

Earlier this year, Konica Minolta launched the “Workplace of the Future,” which was a new program that will offer advanced technology, such as robots, and digital receptionists in the workplace, in an effort to dramatically enhance productivity, and collaboration for businesses.

More robots will be continually launched throughout the next year, and Copier Fax Business Technologies will continue to be a partner with Konica Minolta when these advanced technologies become available for Western New York.

Copier Fax to Offer New Bizhub C658 Series

C658-300x217Konica Minolta is pleased to announce the release of the new bizhub C658series. The bizhub C558(55 ppm) and bizhub C458 (45ppm) are replacing the current bizhub C554e and C454e and the bizhub C658 (65 ppm) is an addition to the line-up. The new series has an enhanced control panel that is fully customizable, like the recently launched C368 series, featuring a larger 10.1 inch panel. Now it’s even easier to share information, and preview documents before you print. With the standard web browser and 4GB installed memory everyone will be ready to access downloadable apps and customize their display.

The addition of the bizhub C658 series completes the update of the color A3 product lineup. These three models will bring compatibility and an array of choices never seen before in our color line up. The line now includes the C3110 and C3350, to the newly added C287/C227 series, moving up to our robust mid to high range color units from the C258 all the way up to the C754e. There are choices for every office size and customer demand.

As part of the color line up the bizhub C658 will coexist with the bizhub C654e, both high speed units serving different markets. The bizhub C658, with standard IWS and a new document feeder with scan speeds up to 240 originals per minute, targets customers in office environments with heavier solutions and scanning needs. The bizhub C654e will address those customers who require higher print volume and a console configuration.

The C658 series has all the newly added features and functions of the recently launched color units, like NFC connectivity area, standard web browser as well as detachable paper trays.
Additional features include:

– Open API (consistent with the latest Info Palette engines)

– Multi-feed detection kit (UK-501)

– High processing CPU (Dual core 1.6GHz ) to provide high performance for office usage as central MFP

– Optional Fiery image controller (IC-416)

– Optional hard disk mirroring (HD-524)
Large Capacity Tray Options, and much more……

Copier Fax to offer Precision Label Series

Copier Fax Business Technologies will be launching a new hardware solution of Western New York.

In an exclusive partnership with Muratec, CFBT will now offer a Precision Label Series.  This digital label press  allows businesses to create dynamic, full-color product labels that can be used for…anything!  From bakeshops, to breweries, or labels on boxes, these machines will allow for in-house production of the labels, which can potentially save thousands of dollars off the bottom line.

 Labels can be produced in a variety of substrates, including pre die-cut labels, non-converted face stocks, paper, synthetics, adhesive backed, foils and more.

 This type of flexibility is perfect for:

– Food and beverage labels

– Industrial chemicals

– GHS and safety information

– Corporate branding and promotional items

– Parking permits, and school spirit materials.

These new label machines will be demoed at our open house (Doctoberfest 2016) – which is Thursday, September 29th from 11am – to 7pm.

For more information, please contact us today at 716-853-5000.

Copier Fax Launches KIP 800 Color Series in Product Line

Copier Fax Business Technologies is pleased to announce a new addition to their product line: Konica Minolta’s KIP 800 Color Series wide format printers – the latest in Konica Minolta’s wide format printing technology. The KIP 800 offers the same compact design and function as the 70 Series, plus color. All KIP systems are Energy Star certified, offering a variety of sleep modes and power usage timers to reduce energy consumption. During operation, the energy consumption of KIP products is one of the lowest in the print industry.  It also prints at a fraction of the cost of traditional wide format ink jet plotters.860_Front_Paper

Service members from Copier Fax Business Technologies have completed extensive training on this product through Konica Minolta’s national training programs.  They are the first in the Western New York market to provide this product in conjunction with the certified training from their staff.

Top Ten Reviews – a research-based website that tests, reviews and compares various products – ranked the KIP 800 as one of the top ten wide format printers of 2016, calling it one of the fastest printers on the market. “You can receive 9 “D”-size prints (22”x34”) within a minute.” The 800 Series is compatible with Windows 8 and older operating systems, and features a large touchscreen interface, which, according to Top Ten Reviews, “makes using this machine simple.”

Marking a breakthrough in color print technology and resilience, the 800 series generates fully lightfast prints – prints that will not fade or show signs of deterioration over time from exposure to light. This is made possible by the machine’s CMYK dry toner system, which allows it to produce 100% waterproof images that are suitable for outdoor applications even in severe weather conditions. Automatic image calibration allows the Color Series to capture subtle tints and hues with consistent color stability and image fidelity for an entire print run, which simplifies changing media types.

860_Angle_Delivery_PaperBetween its speed, low energy consumption, simple operation and automatic finishing, the KIP 800 is both cost effective and environmentally friendly, making it ideal for a range of wide format printing applications, including indoor or outdoor signage, architectural, engineering, construction, maps, posters and photograph enlargements.

In recent years, wide format printers have increased in popularity amongst organizations that rely on quality and efficient printing.

“From a practical perspective, wide-format production offers faster turnaround times, better operating environments, easier logistics and more efficient end-to-end workflows,” says Sophie Matthews-Paul in Printing Impressions – a trusted publication specializing in print and graphic arts.

“Companies can increase both its throughput and its profits by using a printer that’s fast and offers low operating costs and high quality, long-lasting prints,” says Copier Fax President and Owner, Al Scibetta.

Other key features of the KIP 800 include: four large capacity cartridges, each holding 1,000 grams of toner for a total of 4,000 grams at once, allowing uninterrupted printing; media load assist system simplifying the process of loading media rolls; quick switch technology, which eliminates roll switching delays for increased productivity; integrated folding, finishing and stacking systems; and, automatic roll trimming.


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