How much office space is used for files?

In real estate, the cost per square footage could make or break the deal. Maximizing how you use that square footage should be equally important. How much rent are you paying for space to store your files? How necessary is it to have the physical paper files in your office, versus digital access?

We created a guide to help you estimate how much paper fills up certain spaces. From there – we can determine a cost to digitize those files, while you can determine the money you save by better utilize that space!


There’s no question about it – the office world will never be the same post-COVID compared to Pre-COVID. Although we may find ourselves back in the offices at 100% capacity by the end of the year (we hope), there has been new precedence set for people’s ability to work remotely.

Snowstorm? Is a kid home sick from school? Staying home waiting for a delivery? Instead of taking the day off – how likely are you to work remotely?

For almost 10 years, Copier Fax Business Technologies has been offering the service of scanning your paper files and digitizing them so they are safely stored in the cloud, easily searchable and accessible, all while giving the entire office the ability to view, edit and share files any time, anywhere.

A good majority of the businesses we have serviced used our program as a way to save space in their offices. Instead of having entire rooms full of filing cabinets – the space is utilized for more office space.

Any and all files can be digitized – including architectural drawings, photos, booklets, etc. from any age.

With the transition back into offices, we are shining a light on this incredible service that we offer, and we are offering a complimentary “Banker’s Box” scan for any new or current DocuWare Customers looking to utilize our scanning services.

More information can be found HERE!  Get in the digital world!

Copier Fax Named One of Best Places to Work

CFBT was honored by Buffalo Business First for being named one of the Best Places to Work in Western New York!
This is our sixth time achieving this honor, which is extra special after a year full of many challenges and uncertainties from COVID.
This would not be achievable without the incredible team working together to create the special work environment we’ve enjoyed over the years. Thank you for all that you do in contributing to this great achievement!

Andrew Ashead Named Konica Minolta January 2021 Tech of the Month

Buffalo, NY – Andrew Ashead, a technician at Copier Fax Business Technologies has been nationally recognized by Konica Minolta Business Solutions Support Division as a recipient of the Technician of the Month Award for the month of January 2021.

Mr. Ashead has been a member of the Service Department since 2017, and has previously been recognized for his work and achievements in the industry, including receiving the prestigious Silver Seal Award in 2018, which is only awarded to the top 15% performing Konica Minolta technicians in the country.

His award was based on his performance from specialty training on the bizhub C368/C308, C364/C284/C224, C554/C454 & C658/C558.

Additionally, Copier Fax Business Technologies continually receives customer satisfaction feedback on Andrew’s ability to have a strong technical performance in combination with great customer service skills.

Andrew will receive special recognition from CFBT’s Director of Service, Jim Bodie, as well as the Konica Minolta Business Solutions District Manager and Regional Manager.

Andrew is a graduate of Pennslyvania’s School of Technology, where he holds an Associates’s Degree in Information Technology.


Pictured Left to Right:  Al Scibetta, President, Andrew Ashead, Jim Bodie, Director of Service, David Scibetta, EVP/CIO

30 Years of Copier Fax Business Technologies

Buffalo, NY – Thursday, December 10th, 2020 marks the 30th year in business for Copier Fax Business Technologies.  The company was founded by Al and Andrea Scibetta in 1990 as a Konica Minolta dealership and has evolved over time as one of the largest, full-service office technology companies in Western New York.

The business started on Al and Andrea’s dining room table, and some of the original clients have stayed with Copier Fax throughout the entire 30 years.

In 1997, David Scibetta joined Copier Fax as a partner, and to oversee a major expansion in the company’s technology services.

Ribbon Cutting of the Buffalo office in 2000

“My son David joining the business was one of my favorite memories from these past 30 years,” says President, Al Scibetta.

“Watching David continue to take the business to new levels of technology and business practices gives

us such a bright outlook for the future,” says Andrea Scibetta.  “After 30 years, you see a lot of milestones, a lot of growth, a lot of accomplishments – it’s incredibly rewarding.”

David’s work converted the company from a Konica Minolta Dealership to the full-service office technology partner it is known as today.  Services were expanded from just hardware to now providing software, document management solutions, backfile scanning, IT, document security, and the recently launched StayWell Thermal Camera systems.

In 2011, Copier Fax was given the “Dealer of Excellence” award, which is granted to a single dealer from the United States, based on their proof of leadership, integrity, and community service.

The Copier Fax Service Fleet

In the Fall of 2012, Copier Fax launched their exclusive process called Documentelligence™ which has become their claim to fame in the office technology industry today and has lead to double-digit growth for many years.  Since the launch, Copier Fax has been repeatedly recognized as a Top Private Company in Western New York by Buffalo Business First as well.

The Award-Winning Service Team

“The birth of Documentelligence™ was one of my favorite days at this company,” says David Scibetta, EVP/CIO, and Partner.  “Having this type of program has helped make owning this company incredibly special, as we are able to offer so many solutions and many success stories for our clients in making their offices a “smart office.”

In addition to this recognition, Copier Fax has been continuously awarded throughout its history, including recognition as a Pro-Tech Certified Dealer for 13 years in a row by Konica Minolta, Dealer of Excellence Award, Fastest Growing Company, and Best Places to Work by Buffalo Business First, and a Diamond Club Partner by DocuWare.  Andrea Scibetta was also named “Woman of Influence” by Buffalo Business First in 2014, and David has been named a “Young Influencer of 2015” by the Cannata Report, a national publication for office products and workflow solutions dealers.

The company has grown to have over 35 employees, and two locations:  Downtown Buffalo, NY and Rochester, NY.

In August 2014, Copier Fax became the official office technology company of the Buffalo Sabres, which has included an expanded partnership in several entities of Pegula Sports and Entertainment.

As for the next 30 years, Al, David, and Andrea plan to continue their growth in and reputation in not only Western New York, but throughout the entire Northeast region.

“Our industry never stops changing.  You need to learn something new every day,” says David, who also noted that he also oversaw software projects outside the United States, including the island of St. Maarten a few years ago.”

All agreed that working with family was one of their favorite parts about taking this journey together.

Andrea, Al, and David would like to thank their clients, incredible staff, friends, and family for their support over the past 30 years.  They look forward to the next 30 years and beyond.

Al, Andrea, Heather and David Scibetta

CFBT Named Pro-Tech certified for 13th straight year

Copier Fax Business Technologies, is always committed to excellent service and support. For the 13th straight year, Copier Fax have been recognized as a Konica Minolta Pro-Tech Service Award winner.
Very few companies have achieved this level of recognition eleven straight times. Konica Minolta exhaustively evaluates dealers to find those with the very highest level of technical expertise, personalized service and customer satisfaction.
“The Pro-Tech award gives every Konica Minolta customer a distinct advantage: The assurance of knowing that your Konica Minolta dealers have the skills, the training and the dedication to keep your equipment operating at the peak of productivity, says Jim Ingrassia, VP of Solutions Support Division at Konica Minolta. “If you’re choosing a technology partner, that’s an advantage worth considering.”
Konica Minolta has established a “Pro-Tech Promise,” which can be expected from the service we provide from Copier Fax. This includes:
  • Professional, customer-oriented service department management and administration policies.
  • Service response times significantly better than the industry average.
  • Preventive maintenance programs that ensure maximum uptime and superior performance.
  • Inventory control systems that provide immediate access to replacement parts and components.
  • Comprehensive training programs and performance reviews to maintain the highest level of expertise.
  • Skilled technical specialists and service personnel trained on your specific products.
Good business depends upon strong relationships. We thank you for your continued support and we will work hard to always meet your digital imaging needs. Our customers continue to be our highest priority.

Copier Fax Business Technologies named Best Places to Work 2020

Copier Fax Business Technologies has been named a “Best Places to Work” by Buffalo Business First. This is the seventh time Copier Fax has received this honor, which includes a repeat honor from 2019.
Having a safe, friendly, and family-oriented work environment is a top priority at Copier Fax Business Technologies.
We are very honored to be recognized as one of the best places to work in Western New York for several years. Several steps are taken to earn this honor, including an application process, employee surveys and analysis by Quantum Workplace, a national company that specializes in workplace environments.

Fairport Resident Leads the Way in Bringing Thermal Facial Recognition Technology to Rochester, NY

With last week’s announcement about school openings from Governor Andrew Cuomo, there still stands the question about what exactly schools will do to not only open up safely – but also to remain open throughout the entire school year.  For many schools, businesses, and municipalities throughout New York State, technology has played a key role in making this happen.

Fairport, NY resident, Kristyn Foskett, a senior office business technology representative is bringing new technology to Rochester – that is leading the way for safe reopening across the state.

As the manager for the Rochester office of Copier Fax Business Technologies, Kristyn is overseeing the launch of Thermal Facial Recognition Cameras and touch-less check-in technology.  The Documentelligence™ Thermal Facial Recognition Camera is a single-screen temperature & facial recognition display that can provide an instant temperature check, mask detection, and facial recognition for contact tracing and visitor registration.  It combines a powerful thermal camera and industrial-grade binocular wide dynamic camera in one stand-alone system that is 100% hands-free.

Additionally, students, staff, and visitors can check in with a touch-less receptionist, which includes instructions, waivers, and notifications between the visitor, and the person waiting in the building.

Several schools throughout New York State are bringing this technology to their doors as a way of quickly and appropriately monitoring the health and safety of students, staff and faculty.

If necessary, a camera can instantly notify an administrator if there is an elevated temperature, a mask violation, or any other monitoring features that are set up by the school to process their guests.  The device even lights up (and sounds an alarm if the feature is turned on) when someone is in violation.

Greenlight means the person is clear to enter.

Copier Fax Business Technologies was founded in Buffalo, NY in 1990, but has since expanded to a second location in Rochester within the last decade.  Kristyn is the lead manager for Rochester, NY and the surrounding regions.

When Kristyn was first hired at Copier Fax Business Technologies, her work was cut out for her – with her numerous years in the office technology industry.  Printers, scanners, fax machines, and office software consumed her day.  But when COVID-19 hit, and offices shut down, Kristyn had to explore new technology to address these changing times.

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